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Martial Arts Medallions

Starfire Designs Inc presents exclusive martial arts medallions crafted in 14-Karat Solid Gold and Sterling Silver. Custom ring designs, logos and organizational awards available. All exclusive martial arts fine jewelry is handcrafted in 14 Karat solid gold and sterling silver. White gold available upon request. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Rush delivery available, please call for details.

A. Roundhouse Kick / Male

B. Fist w/ wreath

C. Roundhouse Kick / Female

D. Flying Sidekick / Female

E. Fist

F. Flying Sidekick / Male

G. Guardian Angel

H. Kickboxer

I. Boxing Gloves

J. Straight - Up Kick

K. Spear / Twisted Horse

L. Flower Lady w/ Sword

M. Sword / Front Arrow

N. Rope Dart / Whip Chain

O. Eagle Head

P. Small Dragon

Q. Mantis / Crane

R. Large Dragon

S. Muscle Arms w/ Flying Sidekick

T. Back Arrow w/ Dragon Fist